Monday, November 23, 2009

Heerikai chutney(Ridgegourd chutney)

1 Long Ridge Gourds
2 Green Chillis (add more for more spicey taste)
1tbsp sesame seeds
1tbsp roasted peanuts
Salt to taste
marble size Tamarind
little jaggery 1tsp oil
Peel the rough Ridge Gourd Skin and Cut both the ends. Dice the Ridge Gourd. Heat oil in kadai. Add diced ridgegourd,Green Chillies,sesame seeds, peanut, tamarind juice,jaggery and salt. On low heat cook for 20 minutes until ridgegourd becomes tender. Stir occasionally. Let it cool down. Grind to a smooth Paste. Season with Tadka or vaggarane. Serve this Chutney with chapati,roti, jolad rotti and hot rice.

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