Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dappa Avalakki Payas(Thick poha payasam)

I was bored making vermicilli payasam for all the occasion. My mom gave me this delicious receipe. It tastes like basundi. I don't have words to explain how tasty it was and tons of thanks to my mom.


3-4 Tbsp  thick poha
1tbsp ghee
Dry fruits
3 cups milk( You can use always use half milk and half and half milk)
3-4 tbsp sugar(More sugar can be added for more sweetness)
2-3 cardmom powder


Put ghee in kadai. Fry poha until it turns little golden brown. Add milk to the poha and boil for 20mins on medium flame until the poha breaks into small pieces. Add sugar and boil again for 10 mins until it becomes medium thick. Take another small kadai add ghee. Add crushed or small pieces of dry  fruits and cardmom powder to the boiling payasam. If the payasam is too thick add more milk.

It was sooooooo good and delicious my family enjoyed it. This will be my all time desert for all the occasions. Please try it and let me know.

Enjoy the hot Dappa Avalakki Payasam!!!!!!


Thanks for passing me this award Rashmi!!!!!