Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chapatti Murud Undi(Maledi)

Yesterday I have some leftover chappati's. My mom used to make this tasty laddu. Here is the easy receipe and healthy also.


3-4 Chapatti(fresh one or leftover)
4 Tbsp jaggery grated or mashed
3-4 Cardmom
1 Tbsp ghee
Dry fruits(optional)


Grind chapatti and cardmom finely in grinder or break chapatti into small pieces.

Heat ghee and add jaggery until it melts. Mash the jaggery with back of the spoon with little pressure. Make sure jaggery melted(not overheated) and add grinded chapatti mixture. Mix well. You can always add dry fruits.Once the mixture cools down make small laddu's. Decorate with almond or any dry fruits.

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Rashmi said...

Looks really tasty..your post awakened my sweet tooth! Will try it sometime.